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With over 75 years’ experience in the aerospace industry, at Attewell we understand our customers’ priorities, and strive to be active partners in helping you achieve them. 

Laminates are the most basic unit of composite construction.  Consisting of a number of plies, called lamina, laminates are typically composed of fibreglass, polyimides, or other similar materials. The individual lamina are layered so that the fibres run in different directions on each layer to improve strength and their isotropic properties (i.e. improving the uniformity of strength in all directions).  These lamina are then bonded by a surrounding adhesive material, such as epoxy resin, and subjected to intense pressure to support rigidity. More costly than sheet metal, laminates are nonetheless widely used in the aerospace industry due to being significantly more lightweight than metal.
Airplane manufacturers are finding that maintenance costs are reduced when using laminates due to their enhanced corrosion- and fatigue resistance. In addition, when installing C-class components, tighter and more precise tolerances can often be achieved if using peelable laminate components, which enable individual sizing on the production line itself.  At Attewell, we produce both hard and soft laminated materials, with a typical sheet size of 48” x 24” (120cm x 60cm).  Our plastic laminating services are at the disposal of our customers, whether they wish to place large, regular orders or smaller orders for one-off, bespoke production projects. Our engineers are always on hand to support and advise on the optimal combination of substrate material and adhesive for your specific airframe requirements.

Attewell’s commitment to our customers
We understand the needs for premium quality, high safety standards, low weight and cost-effectiveness.  Our engineers have the expertise to be able to support you in finding the right solution for your specific requirements and are only too happy to help.

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