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Aluminium Heat Treatment

Our engineers at Attewell, with their deep understanding of the aerospace industry, are able to advise on the most appropriate material for each use and each airframe environment.

Different metals and alloys have different characteristics that make them more or less appropriate for the specific environments that are encountered in different parts of airframes.  Depending on the location of a specific component, it may be essential for the material to be resistant to humidity, to chemical corrosion, to UV exposure, or to high temperatures.   

Several aluminium alloys can be heat treated in order for them to deliver optimal performance in terms of aspects such as strength, corrosion resistance or ease of forming.  These are highly specialised processes, requiring specialist equipment and the expert engineers that we have at Attewell.  Our in-house facilities allow us to offer aluminium heat treatment services to further enhance the appropriateness of the material used in a given environment.  The high levels of training that we provide our engineers and technicians are essential as, for example, some heat treatments may add corrosion resistance to the detriment of strength, and vice versa.  As all our engineers work closely with our customers to understand their exact requirements, these are the considerations that can be built in from the design stage, and then implemented in the manufacturing process with skill and expertise.

Attewell: the largest manufacturer of C-class airframe components in Europe
Due to our position as the largest manufacturer in Europe of C-class components, we benefit from scale and are unrivalled in the breadth of services that we offer.  Our expanded premises, located conveniently near Heathrow Airport, house an extensive range of equipment, meaning that we are able to handle all manufacturing processes from design to delivery to your production line.

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