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Automated Deburring

At Attewell, we offer in-house, automated deburring to ensure the highest level of consistency in our finished components.
Removing burrs is an essential part of the manufacturing process.  Burrs can block drilled or punched holes, impeding the movement of lubricants, fluids or air.  They can also negatively affect part tolerances and lead to misalignments.  In the aircraft industry, where safety is essential and the tightest of tolerances are often required, this can have serious consequences.  Manual deburring is slow and, even with highly skilled operators, can lead to inconsistencies in the components that can lead to hold-ups on production lines, resulting in additional costs.  Some manufacturers out-source deburring processes, adding to the overall lead time and costs of production.
Our extensive range of equipment means that we are able to offer barrel tumbling, which is the ideal solution for deburring and finishing tough metal components.  This deals effectively with all burrs, including secondary burrs and those that may stick on leading and trailing edge plates.  Clearly, some part geometries take longer to deburr, and consequently we also offer an automated rotary deburr system to ensure that all our manufactured components arrive to our customers with exceptionally high standards of finish.

Quality assurance at Attewell
At Attewell, we have worked extremely hard for nearly eight decades to establish ourselves as the largest European supplier of C-class airframe components.  We have achieved this as a result of our commitment to our customers, and by having quality at the heart of everything we do. We have invested in state-of-the-art inspection equipment which enables our highly trained engineers to inspect all our engineered components no matter how complex the geometries and contours.  This mean that our customers take delivery of component parts that are manufactured and finished to the highest of standards, always burr-free.

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