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Whatever your airframe assembly requirements, Attewell has a range of metal assembly services that will meet your needs. 

With our newly expanded premises close to Heathrow airport taking our total facility size to over 42,000 square feet, we have the necessary space to accommodate all aspects of airframe assembly.  In addition, our lean management and lean manufacturing approaches mean that all assemblies are constructed with high levels of efficiency.  Our expert engineers and technicians, with ISO9001 accreditation, constitute a skilled assembly workforce and are empowered to ensure that all processes operate smoothly, intervening if they observe any issues.  Our teams all utilise Lean Six Sigma methods and principles, meaning that our assembly services are characterised by being highly effective, with a focus on continually refining processes and procedures.
Metal assembly services
We have the capacity to assemble a wide range of metal components to meet your precise specifications. We are able to detail or form the metal as required, using our extensive range of equipment, including CNC bending, forming, milling and turning. We then use the most appropriate techniques to assemble the structures specified, such as click bonding, riveting, fastening or welding.  Our metal assembly services mean that we supply assemblies straight to your production line ready to be incorporated seamlessly into your own processes. 
Inspection of assemblies
All assemblies are subjected to rigorous inspection before leaving our premises, using state-of-the-art equipment.  Our engineers use a dual head touch probe and laser scanning coordinate measuring system to inspect even the most complex assemblies and accurately compare them to the original design drawings.  In this way, we ensure that our metal assembly services mean that your assemblies arrive with you exactly as you designed them.  Additionally, with our “just in time” focus and high levels of customer responsiveness, these high standards do not compromise lead times, meaning you can pull your components and assemblies to your factory floor as you need them, without having to build up costly inventory.

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