Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Milling

Computer Numerical Control Milling (CNC Milling) is a manufacturing process in which Attewell uses precision computer controls alongside rotating multi-point cutting tools so that C-class aircraft components can be milled to the exact requirements of our customers.  Our 3-axis machine has the ability to move three different axes at the same time, which is sufficient for many of our aircraft components.  However, our commitment to being at the forefront of technology and manufacturing means that our extensive range of equipment includes a 5-axis machine, enabling simultaneous machining on five different axes. Our systems are vertically integrated and our specialist engineers and technicians use CADCAM software to ensure the design is fully integrated with the CNC milling equipment.

Attewell’s mission
Our vision is the be the preferred partner globally for all C-class airframe components.  Our mission is to achieve this by ensuring that we deliver a value-added service.  Our extensive CNC milling capability and expertise allows us to collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that we are supporting with the design of the airframe components that you need and then manufacturing them to the highest of standards.  Attewell’s Quality Management System is your guarantee that all our CNC milled products will arrive at your production line on time and with minimal variations, meaning that you avoid unnecessary stoppages with all the associated costs.

Attewell’s history and expertise
Our deep understanding of the aerospace industry and of our customers’ requirements has evolved over more than 75 years of working in the business.  We know that you are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve quality.  We know that safety standards are always non-negotiable when constructing airframes.  As your partners in the production process, we constantly strive to find solutions to your problems, and we utilise our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we deliver premium products on time, every time.

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