Shim Sets

Shim sets
Where your requirement is for a shim set with precise thicknesses marked on each shim, Attewell’s extensive range of in-house manufacturing equipment is able to supply you with the set that you need.  Our shims are easy to fit and enable tight tolerances leading to precise alignment. 

Metal shim sets
Our metal shim packs can be either solid or laminated (peel plates).  Solid metal shim sets come in a range of materials, such as aluminium, titanium, beryllium copper, stainless steel, brass or Inconel (a super-alloy).  Depending on the specific use, sets can be provided that are lightweight, corrosion, rust and heat resistant and can be used in high-temperature environments. Laminated metal shims can be manufactured with peelable foils in a range of thicknesses (from 0.025 mm or 0.001” to 0.1mm or 0.004”) to ensure that the greatest precision possible is achieved in terms of tight tolerances. The same extensive range of metals can be used for metal laminated shims as for metal solid shims.

Non-metal shim sets
Having the advantage of being often less costly than metal shims, our non-metal shim sets are available in a range of materials to meet our customers’ needs.  These include composites, phenolic, polyimide and mylar.  These are all durable materials that are flexible in their use, resistant to humidity and corrosion, lightweight and benefit from high compressive strength.  Our range of non-metal laminated shims have the same advantages as metal laminated shims when it comes to achieving tight tolerances as a result of peeling off individual layers.

Sets to meet your specific requirements
Attewell’ has state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes, as well as an expert team of experienced engineers and technicians.  This enables us to provide the sizes, shapes and specific detailing that you require.  Our in-house quality control processes minimise waste and discrepancies, meaning that you can rely on our shim sets to facilitate your efficient production processes.

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