Metal Solid Shims

At Attewell, we offer a wide range of precision-crafted metal solid shims to meet our clients’ needs.

Aluminium shims
Low density and consequently lightweight, aluminium shims are highly versatile for use in airframe construction.  Aluminium’s low reactivity also means that it is resistant to corrosion and can be deployed in environments where it may become exposed to humidity.  Aluminium can be a low-cost solution for many situations where a shim is required, and as it is widely recycled, it is an environmentally friendly and economical option.

Titanium shims
With its low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low thermal conductivity, titanium can be the ideal solution for environments that are going to be subject to heat. Additionally, titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for the aerospace industry, where these issues are key.  More expensive than some other options, however, its relatively high reactivity put some constraints on the manufacturing process. 

Beryllium copper shims
Beryllium copper is known for its strength, hardness and its thermal properties, making it a highly appropriate material for shims in the aerospace industry. In addition, as it is excellent for machining and forming, making it idea for either mass production or for bespoke projects.

Inconel shims
Inconel, often called a super-alloy, is strong and highly resistant to oxidisation, carburisation and corrosion.  Designed for use in high-temperature, structural environments such as jet engines, Inconel can be the optimal choice for shims in certain aspects of aerospace engineering.

Stainless steel shims
Stainless steel is an extremely reliable material which combines strength and durability, and as such is appropriate for many of the manufacturing scenarios where shims are required.  Highly resistant to corrosion and rust as well as to impact, it can be deployed for both internal and external uses.

Brass shims
Brass is more malleable than some other metals and is consequently relatively easier to work with, making this a cost-effective option for shims where corrosion is not a factor.  Low-friction, it is easily machined and so can deliver rapidly produced parts for your requirements.

A range of shims as varied as your specific requirements
Our experienced engineers, who have worked closely with the top aerospace designers and manufacturers in the world, are ideally placed to advise you on which metal is the most appropriate for your shim requirements, taking into account the varying factors of cost, strength, temperature and exposure to corrosion.

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