Non Metal Laminated Shims

Non-Metal Laminated Shims
Attewell has an extensive range of in-house processes and equipment making us ideally placed to manufacture non-metal laminated shims to meet your precise requirements.

What are non-metal laminated shims?
Non-metal peelable (laminated) shims have a rigid structure providing the strength of a solid shim, but the added advantage that they can be peeled off layer by layer, by hand, to produce the exact thickness required in any given situation.  The individual layers (foils) can be manufactured from 0.025 mm (0.001”) to 0.1mm (0.004”), resulting in the tightest possible tolerances in your assembled airframes.

Made for your precise requirements
Our expert team of engineers and technicians are able to deploy our cutting-edge technology to create non-metal laminated shims to meet your specific project needs.  As well as offering a range of materials, we also offer a variety of structures, taking into account peel strengths, shims that are either bonded across the entire surface of the product, or only bonded on one edge (edgebond shims), hybrid shims (part solid and part laminated), flat or tapered shims.  Non-metal laminated metal shims can be subjected to the full range of manufacturing processes and can be detailed in any way that is needed for the specific purpose required.

Materials used
Polyimide laminated shims are often a highly appropriate choice for use in airframes, due to being lightweight and both heat and chemical resistant.  Mylar laminated shims are also a flexible option, with high tensile strength and stability. Our team of experienced engineers will be happy to discuss your individual requirements to ensure you get the precise products, made from the exact materials, that will satisfy your specific project requirements.

Quality assurance and lean manufacturing
Having worked in the aerospace industry for nearly 80 years, Attewell understands your priorities, particularly with regards to efficiency and waste-reduction.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes combined with our rigorous quality control means that our products can be delivered to your production line in a way that enables you to minimise stoppages, eliminating the additional labour costs that are caused by that, whilst having full confidence in the safety and reliability of our products.

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