Laminated Peelable Shims

As Europe’s largest manufacturer of laminated sheet materials, Attewell is proud to produce laminated peelable shims, packers, gap fillers, detailed and machined parts designed to meet the stringent criteria of the aerospace industry.

Shim uses
A shim is a slim piece of metal which improves fit between two pieces of machinery or helps to level a surface. Shims have three primary benefits: tolerance compensation, precision alignment and wear compensation. Shims can come in a range of materials and with different qualities. Depending on their desired use you can choose from metallic or non-metallic shims, surface bonded shims or edge bonded shims.

Surface bonded shims vs edge bonded shims
Laminated or hybrid laminated peelable shims are made of peelable metallic or non-metallic materials, to allow you to adjust the size by removing one thin layer at a time. Most laminated shims are surface-bonded shims, which means that the shims are stuck together at the surface and can be peeled off using a tool such as a knife. Edge-bonded shims are not bonded to the entire shim surface, but just to the edge of the shims above and below. This makes them easier to peel off than surface laminated shims and, as a result, causes less waste as the peeled layers can be reused.  

Reduce waste and stock needs with laminated shim stock
As well as allowing you to get absolute precision in shim sizing, using peelable shims saves on the need to hold large quantities of different sized shims.

Precision manufacture of laminated shim stock
As Europe’s leader in aerospace component manufacturing, Attewell’s engineers are able to produce surface laminated or edge laminated shims to meet your specifications, precision made to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

To find out more about the range of shim stock that we can produce, please get in touch.

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