Metal Laminated Shims

At Attewell, we make full use of our engineering expertise and our in-house facilities to manufacture an extensive range of metal laminated, peelable shims. 

What are laminated shims?
Just like non-laminated shims, laminated shims can be made precisely to your design requirements, using the materials that are suited to your needs.  However, rather than being constructed from a solid block of material, they are laminated: made from extremely thin layers that have been pressure-bonded together. The individual layers, which can be as thin as 0.025 mm or 0.001” (and as thick as 0.1mm or 0.004”) can be peeled off if required to achieve the most precise fit and the tightest possible tolerance on your production line.

Made for your precise requirements
Due to our cutting-edge technology, we are able to create laminated shims to meet your specific project requirements. 

We can offer a variety of peel strengths, and also make shims that are either bonded across the entire surface of the product, or only bonded on one edge, known as edge bond shims. 

Hybrid shims are another alternative, where part of the shim is solid and part is laminated.  A lower cost option than a fully laminated shim, this provides all the strength of a solid shim, whilst allowing for all the flexibility and micro-adjustment possibilities of a laminated shim. Laminated metal shims can be detailed or solid, flat or tapered, in the same way that solid shims are.

Metals used
As with our metal solid shims, we are able to produce metal laminated shims in a wide range of metals to enable you to fulfil all your production requirements.   Our range of metals includes aluminium, beryllium copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, phosphor bronze, and titanium. 

Our team of experienced engineers will be happy to discuss your individual requirements to ensure you get the precise products that will meet all your manufacturing needs.

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