As an industry-leader in the production of high-specification C-Class components for the aerospace industry, Attewell is exceptionally well equipped to produce a range of bushes to match your specific requirements.
Metal and non-metal bushes
Bushes play a vital role in aircraft manufacture. An independent type of plain bearing, their role in preventing friction and consequently preventing bearing failure is critical.  Frequently used in turbines and other machinery where there are high levels of friction, selecting the correct material for the bushes deployed in your production processes is of crucial importance.

Attewell’s state-of-the-art equipment can manufacture a wide range of materials
We have the capability in-house to manufacture bushes from a wide range of materials to meet your precise specifications.  These include aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, plastic, composite and nylon.  We have an expert team of engineers and technicians available for consultation on what would be the optimum material to use for the specific environment where you need to use bushes, including whether the environment is well-lubricated or not, or whether it is characterised by heavy loading.  We are able to provide small, one-off products for your particular project as well as bulk orders that will be reliably delivered to your production line or warehouse.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects of any manufacturing environment, and that is especially true of the aerospace industry where quality and safety are at a premium. Our in-house inspection capability includes a dual head touch probe and a laser scanning coordinate measuring system.  With the capacity to check components against 3D digital models with exceptionally high levels of accuracy (to 0.00254mm or 0.0001”), we can rapidly and reliably manufacture your metal and non-metal bushes, helping to improve your production line efficiency, reduce stoppages and drive down costs. Our lean manufacturing processes and our relentless focus on bringing about improvements on behalf of our customers make us your perfect partner for all your C-Class component needs.

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