Non Metal Bushes

Bushes are one of the smallest but one of the most essential components of aircraft manufacture.  Bearing failing in an aircraft can have catastrophic consequences, and as such the parts that contribute to preventing that must be made to the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.  The material needs to be appropriate to the purpose and the environment in order to maximise safety and efficiency.  At Attewell, we have an extensive array of equipment that allows us to fashion your non-metal bushes from the materials that are most appropriate for the environment in which you will be using them.

Plastic bushes
Plastic bushes can be best deployed where there is a need for thermal and/or electrical insulation.  In addition to providing this, plastic is highly resistant to humidity.  Given that it is inexpensive and easy to manufacture, plastic can be a cost-effective solution for bushes.

Composite bushes
Composites bushes are a popular choice where the environment has specific requirements for insulation and rigidity, as the individual materials can be combined to meet precise specifications.  More costly than plastic, they can nonetheless prove to be the most appropriate option.

Nylon bushes
Nylon bushes are used where the requirement is for a material that is abrasion-resistant, tough and strong.  It is particularly appropriate for use as an independent bearing due to its low-friction properties.

Attewell’s expertise
Attewell has been in the aircraft manufacturing business for over 75 years, having contributed to Spitfire production during World War 2.  As such, we have extensive experience and are well-placed to advise you regarding the most appropriate material to use for the bushes that your production requires.  Our engineers are always available for consultation, meaning that we are the ideal partners for all your production needs.  In addition to that, we have a range of the latest equipment, and state-of-the-art quality assurance and inspection processes, which guarantee the quality and repeatability of all our products.

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