Non Metal Spacers

As the largest manufacturer in Europe of high-quality C-class components for the aerospace industry, Attewell is your ideal partner when it comes to supplying non-metal spacers for your production needs.

Spacers are essential components in airframe assembly, where there is a need to ensure a distance between two components of the airframe. Non-metal spacers, often deemed to be less aesthetically pleasing than metal spacers, are typically used in situations where thermal insulation is essential and where there may be a risk of condensation build-up from metal spacers.  

Plastic spacers
With its high levels of thermal and electrical insulation as well as its resistance to humidity, plastic spacers are often the ideal choice for the aerospace industry.  Plastic is also easy to manufacture and low-cost.

Composite spacers
More costly than their cousin plastic, composite materials are nonetheless extremely flexible as they can be tailor made to suit specific environments.  These can often be the most appropriate product to use, depending on your precise airframe requirements.

Nylon spacers
Nylon is a popular choice for non-metal spacers due its high strength, resistance to abrasion, toughness and its low-friction properties. 

Rubber spacers
Rubber spacers can be appropriate for use in low-temperature environments, where heat resistance, UV and ozone exposure are not factors in performance. It has high levels of abrasion resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength, making it a good solution for environments that are completely enclosed and where a high level of rigidity is not the most essential aspect of the structure.

The team at Attewell
Choosing the optimum material for your spacers is key to the quality and safety of your airframe assemblies.  Our engineers have decades of experience working with the world-leaders in the aerospace industry and so are your perfect partners when it comes to finding the best solution for your production needs.

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