Metal Spacers

Attewell has been in the business of manufacturing C-class aircraft components for over 75 years. Metal spacers have been a core part of our manufacturing capability, and we work with all the market leaders in the aerospace industry to ensure our quality and service is second-to-none.

Spacers are used to position parts within an airframe assembly, often to ensure a distance between two components of the airframe or to allow room for thermal insulation.  They are typically either round or hexagonal in shape, and are not usually threaded.  At Attewell’s, however, our state-of-the-art equipment means that should your project require something bespoke rather than off-the-shelf, our engineers and technicians will be able to manufacture the product that meets your precise specifications.

Attewell’s wide range of metal spacers
Metal spacers are often felt to be more aesthetically pleasing that those made of plastic or other non-metal materials.  For that reason, they are frequently used in areas that are visible.  Of course, the aircraft industry has certain very specific requirements for all its components, particularly the ratios of weight to strength to cost. At Attewell, our capacity to work with a wide range of metals means that we will be able to produce the perfect spacers for your needs.  This includes aluminium spacers, which are durable, flexible, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.  They are a popular choice for situations where strength is not the most important factor.  Titanium spacers, despite being more costly, benefit from greater strength, meaning that less material can be used for the same strength as aluminium.  The advantages here are in producing small, strong spacers, where the distance between two components is not the most significant factor.  Stainless steel is strong at both high and low temperatures, resistant to corrosion and can be made to be aesthetically pleasing.  Heavier than either aluminium or titanium, it can nonetheless be the least expensive of the metals routinely used when comparing life cycle costs.

Attewell’s in-house capabilities
Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are on hand to discuss your specific needs and guide you to the right choice for your metal spacers.

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