With our extensive range of in-house equipment, Attewell has the experience and the capability to manufacture quality C-class components for the aerospace industry, including a range of quality metal and non-metal spacers.
Working with industry leaders
Attewell works with all the world leaders in the aerospace industry, using state-of-the-art machinery and technologies to produce the c-class components to meet your production needs, including non-metal and metal spacer, shims, detailed and machined parts, panels spaces, packers, and more.  

Making high quality spacers for over 75 years
Used to secure a range of airframe components, such as ducting, wiring and tubing, away from the aircraft structure itself, spacers are an integral part of aircraft construction. Attewell’s area of expertise is in producing these low-cost, high specification items to the highest of quality standards.

Attewell’s in-house capabilities
Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are able to produce spacers in a cost-effective and timely fashion to meet your production needs.  With a relentless focus on efficiency, driving down lead times and ensuring quality, repeatability and reliability, we ensure that your products reach your production line or warehouse exactly when you need them, reducing stoppages and so bringing down costs.

Wide range of materials
With our technical expertise, we are able to work with an extensive range of materials, both metal and non-metal. The range of metals that we use in our manufacturing processes includes titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, beryllium copper and Inconel.  Our non-metal portfolio of products includes polyimide, nylon, fibreglass, composite and mylar.  You can be certain that we will have the material that bests meets your needs for being lightweight and corrosion resistant, no matter where in the airframe you need components.

Quality assurance
Our manufacturing processes combine cutting-edge technology with rigorous quality control.  We have a lean-manufacturing approach and a state-of-the-art inspection capability, meaning that we produce the highest quality materials with minimal wastage. All of this combines means that we work with you to add value to your production processes.

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