Solid Shims

Attewell can fulfil all your solid shim requirements using our extensive knowledge and experience, across a range of specialised manufacturing processes and materials.

We offer a number of manufacturing methods to ensure the most cost-effective production of your shims, including router, water jet, turret press, punch press and CNC mill.

We are able to manufacture shims in a range of metallic materials: aluminium, beryllium copper, brass, Inconel, stainless steel and titanium.

We also have the capability to generate shims in a range of non-metallic materials: composite, fibreglass, carbon fibre, phenolic, nylon and polyimide.

We manufacture a number of different types of solid shim for a range of purposes: shim, filler, packer, standards, drawing parts, spacers, tapered fillers, radius fillers and sheets.

Send us your drawings or your data sets and we will produce standard repeatable shims to your specifications. Alternatively, we can provide one-off custom shims direct to your assembly line.

Whether you require metallic, composite, polyimide, phenolic, or something a little more exotic, we will help to provide a comprehensive solution.


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