Solid Shims

Wherever your production processes require solid shims, Attewell is able to product them to your precise specifications.

Choice of material
The choice of material for your solid shim will depend on its precise use and location.  Shims that are internal and enclosed will have a different set of requirements from shims that are exposed to humidity or UV light.  Our experienced team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate material from our extensive range.

Non-metallic shims
We have the capability to produce shims from a wide range of non-metallic materials, including fibreglass, carbon fibre, phenolic, nylon, polyimide, mylar, PTFE and composites.  These all benefit from high compressive strength whilst also being extremely durable, more lightweight and less costly than many of the metal options available. 

Metal shims
For all manufacturing situations where non-metals are not appropriate, such as where the shims will be exposed to UV light and consequently risk degrading over time, we are able to deploy our industry-leading processes to produce metal shims.  Using a range of metals to suit your needs, our team of highly experienced engineers will establish, in consultation with you, which is most appropriate for your requirements: aluminium, beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, or super-alloys such as Inconel. 

Manufacturing processes
At Attewell, we are able to select the most appropriate method for manufacturing your particular shim to ensure reliable, repeatable and cost-effective production.  Equally, we are able to produce bespoke items for specific assembly line needs. Our cutting-edge technologies include CNC machining, water jet manufacturing, Photo chemical machining, turret press, punch press and router to ensure we are meeting your precise requirements.  Our pre-production, individual consultation means that we bring together the right materials and the right processes to provide our clients with optimal levels of service, and our comprehensive quality assurance processes mean that our products never fall short of the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

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