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Metal standards
At Attewell’s, our comprehensive range of processes enables us to produce all our metal manufactured parts to the highest industry standards.  With many accreditations, we operate rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that we are compliant in all our manufacturing processes as well as the end product.

Plastic standards
By assessing our portfolio of plastic products against accepted industry standards, we are able to ensure that they are of sufficiently high quality to meet our clients’ needs and to perform as expected once installed.  We work with a range of plastic and polymeric derivatives, such as polyimide and mylar. 

Aerospace standards
Fully compliant with ISO9001, AS9100 Rev D and ISO 14001, we ensure that we are industry leaders when it comes to aerospace standards.  Our extensive client list includes all the world-leading aerospace manufacturers who expect nothing less than the highest quality in terms of products and of service. Our ISO certification means that we are able to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, minimising waste and improving productivity.

Technical expertise
In addition to our numerous accreditations, we have over 75 years’ experience of manufacturing the highest quality c-class components for the aerospace industry.  Our teams of technicians and engineers are second-to-none when it comes to delivering the precise products that you need for manufacturing processes.  We are able to produce bulk, repeatable items with high levels of reliability as well as small orders for bespoke products.

Quality assurance
 At Attewell’s, we fully understand the priority considerations for manufacturing in the aerospace business, namely, to improve efficiency, drive down waste, reduce stoppage time and increase quality.  Our Quality Management System, including Digital and Optical Inspection (CMM), Quality Engineering (FAI, SPC, Control Plan, FMEA) and Certified Operators Program ensures that we meet or exceed all industry standards for our products and our processes.

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