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Solid Sheet Products
At Attewell’s our state-of-the art equipment means that that we have the capability to produce high quality, precision surface ground sheets, with grinding to 0.0005” (0.013mm).  Typical applications include stampings, machine components and tapers; however, our expert engineers are available to consult you on the application that would meet your specific requirements.

Titanium sheets
With its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is extensively used in the aerospace industry. The titanium sheets produced by Attewell are of the quality you would expect from a company that works with all the leading aircraft manufacturers.

Aluminium sheets
Lightweight and easy to form or bend, aluminium sheets are an important part of our manufacturing product range.  Less strong than titanium, it is nonetheless lighter and so appropriate for use in parts of the aircraft where strength is not the priority.  Fabrication with our aluminium sheets is straightforward as the aluminium is easy to machine, weld and drill.

Stainless steel sheets
Stainless steel is strong and durable, stainless steel is easy to cut, tap and drill and frequently used in a range of aircraft parts such as bushings and fixings.  The stainless sheets produced by Attewell are precision ground to ensure no surface imperfections.

Brass sheets
Our brass sheets are suitable for a variety of uses, as brass has excellent corrosion resistance and low friction properties. Brass can be easily machined and soldered, and has low friction properties.

Non-metallic solid sheet products
Our non-metallic solid sheets are suitable for a variety of uses, for applications requiring excellent electrical and thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance. Sheet materials include nylon, etched PTFE and phenolics.

Technical expertise
We are the largest specialist manufacturer of a range of laminated sheet materials in Europe, and have over 75 years’ experience in the field.  Our team of experts can be counted on to provide the sheet products you need to the high-quality standards that you expect.
Quality assurance
 As a basic component of the aircraft manufacturing process, sheet products must be produced to high quality standards. At Attewell’s, we constantly strive to reduce waste and also shorten lead times.  We have teams of expert engineers and technicians, all of whom are able to implement improvements in our systems where they see the opportunity, meaning that our focus on outstanding customer service translates into greater efficiency for you.

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