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At Attewell, we produce a range of laminated peelable sheets to respond to the diverse needs of aircraft construction. 
Our highly experienced team of engineers are ready  to respond to all your requirements, as well as discuss and advise when it comes to the suitability of materials and the construction of sheets.  We work with a wide range of metals and plastics that are appropriate for use in the aerospace industry and can produce them either as solid sheets or laminated sheets.

The advantages of laminated sheets
The advantage of using laminated sheets can centre around the strength and weight of the sheets.  Laminated sheets are made from extremely thin layers of films or foils that are heat and pressure-bonded to form a strong stiff sheet.  Multi-layer or laminated sheets typically deliver excellent strength, consistent peel strength, good thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion and to wear.

Cutting-edge technology
Our team at Attewell is able to manufacture laminated sheets to your precise requirements, as specified in your manufacturing brief.  Laminated sheets can be solid or converted into detailed parts or shims using our extensive range of engineering processes.  These include CNC turning, CNC routing, CNC milling, punch press, and water jet cutting among many other processes.

Materials used
We can use the most effective materials to meet your manufacturing needs.  The metals used include aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and brass.  Additionally, we can use mylar and polyimide in our laminated sheets; polyimide is a flexible material that can be used in a range of environments, with its excellent mechanical properties, its light weight and its heat and chemical resistance. Our team of engineers will discuss with you the most appropriate material to use for your requirements.

Attewell’s quality assurance and lean manufacturing approach
Attewell takes the approach of constantly seeking to refine and improve its processes, meaning that our clients benefit from high levels of efficiency with costs kept as low as possible by virtue of on-going waste reduction.  Our rigorous quality control means that you can be assured that the products that we manufacture on your behalf will be delivered to you in a way that maximises production reliability whilst minimising discrepancies and labour costs.

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