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Plastic Brackets

Our experience means we can produce the products you need in the most appropriate materials for your purposes
Having been developing our aircraft manufacturing specialism since 1942, Attewell is an industry leader in producing an extensive range of manufactured parts for aircraft assembly and production. 

Plastic brackets
Benefiting from being low cost and low weight relative to metals such as aluminium, plastic is a material that is often highly appropriate to use as a bracket in a range airframe locations.  It is humidity resistant and provides additional thermal and electrical insulation where required.  Easy to manufacture, it is a popular choice for a range of purposes.

Nylon brackets
Nylon is strong, tough and abrasion resistant.  Its low-friction properties make it another highly effective alternative for manufacturing brackets for use in airframes.

Attewell’s expertise
At Attewell, we understand that the perfect combination of design and material is essential for optimal functioning of all airframe components.  Quality and safety are our watchwords, and our highly experienced team of engineers is available for consultation from the start of our collaboration with our clients, when you specify your precise needs on our pre-qualification questionnaire, throughout the project, until your product is being used on your assembly lines.  Our commitment to innovation means that all our engineers are empowered to make decisions on the ground in order to improve processes and functionality of the end product.  We use “Costimator”, the cost estimating package, to ensure there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Close collaboration means customer satisfaction
We know that the aerospace manufacturing industry has a number of drivers in terms of quality, safety and cost-effectiveness.  Our partnership with the leading aircraft manufacturers across the globe is enhanced by our use of Lean Six Sigma methods and principles, which mean that we are able to reduce your lead times, stoppages and production costs.

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