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Attewell has a keen understanding of the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.  We use our decades of skill and expertise to manufacture a comprehensive range of sheet metal detail products, from basic to medium complexity.
Our teams collaborate closely with our customers, including all major aircraft designers to ensure that all our products are tailored to your exact needs.

Cutting and forming sheet metal
At Attewell, we are able to select from a range of cutting and forming processes to deliver sheet metal detail that meets our customers’ exacting requirements across most military and commercial aircraft platforms. 
Sheet cutting technologies
Attewell’s team of highly skilled technicians use a variety of methods to cut and profile sheets of various materials and thicknesses. The high precision of our numerous water jets and routers, which can accommodate maximum sheet sizes of 3m x 1.5m and 2.6m x 1.5m respectively means that your exact needs are fulfilled, and quality standards are maintained. Punch pressing technology is also used to punch sheets within a 1.2sqm envelope. The use of advanced CADCAM systems which results in maximum sheet utilisation and the high-speed production also means that our products are cost-effective across all small to medium size requirements.
We use a range of cold forming technology which include electronic CNC press brake, and mechanical and hydraulic presses to ensure that we match the exact specification of all our customers.  Advanced CADCAM software is also used to ensure accuracy is maintained where tight tolerances apply after the forming operation. Working with all the market leaders in the aerospace industry, we can complete this well-established and novel production process with a rapid turnaround time.

The sheet metal details that you require, for your precise production needs
Principally utilising aluminium and stainless-steel materials, our experienced engineers and technicians can rapidly deploy the range of systems and procedures at our disposal to meet your sheet metal details requirements.  Attewell’s comprehensive quality management systems ensure that our products will fulfil your precise needs.

Sheet Metal Details
Products in this section

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