Photo Chemical Machining

With access to chemical engineers, cutting edge technologies and skilled technicians, at Attewell, we have the capacity to offer a full spectrum of photochemical machining services.

What is photo-chemical machining?
Photo-chemical machining (PCM), also known as photo-chemical milling or etching, is a precision machining process that uses chemical etchants and photoresist to machine away certain areas of sheet metal via corrosion.
The process
Photo chemical machining involves several phases, but broadly, it involves perfectly reproducing a photographic image on the surface of a metal sheet or another photo-resistant material before using chem machining to precisely remove the selected areas.
Advantages of photo-chemical machining
There are many advantages to using photo-chemical engineering; aside from the precision achieved from utilising photographically transferred imagery, the chemical process doesn’t change the properties of the metal or weaken it, is relatively low cost and produces burr-free products. Photo-chemical machining allows for rapid, low-cost prototyping, no stressing or deformation, no impact on the material’s magnetic properties. It is, therefore, an appropriate method for clients looking for low cost, quick turn-around products made from even the most challenging to machine materials, such as titanium, without compromising on precision or quality.
Materials suitable for photo-chemical machining
Photo-chemical machining allows technicians to adapt materials to meet your needs without stressing or changing the original material. Materials that benefit from photo-chemical machining include beryllium copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, nickel, stainless steel and titanium.
A tailored service
With decades of experience in precision engineering techniques, including photo-chemical engineering and access to state of the art, in-house technology, our technicians and engineers are on hand to offer a tailored service for the small to large scale production or prototyping of products crafted from a range of materials across myriad uses. Photo-chemical milling can serve a range of purposes, with the process fine-tuned to meet your needs. Get in touch to find out how we can help. 

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