Photo Chemical Machined Parts

Having been in the business of manufacturing machined parts for the aerospace industry for more almost eight decades, Attewell has all the expertise and experience you would expect when it comes to producing photochemical machined parts. Working across the industry, including with all the market leaders, we continually work to improve our portfolio in order to meet our customers’ needs.  You can rely on our ability to combine innovation with safety and reliability to ensure that everything from large bulk, repeatable orders to bespoke small-scale orders will be delivered to your warehouses or assembly lines in time to ensure that your processes are stoppage-free.
At Attewell, we have an extensive range of high-quality in-house equipment, which means that our skilled technicians and chemical engineers are able to provide multiple photochemical machining solutions to meet your needs. 
Photochemical machining (PCM), often referred to as photo-etching as well as photochemical milling, uses chemicals in the manufacturing process to create 2D shapes that are more precise and more complex than are possible using other manufacturing techniques.  Using photoresist procedures combined with etchants (corrosive chemicals or acids), our experienced team is able to produce photochemical milled parts to deliver airframe components with tight tolerances to your exact specifications.  This includes mesh etched parts and thin metal etched parts.

Wide Range of materials
We are highly aware of the specific requirements of the aerospace industry when it comes to materials that are light weight, corrosion resistant, heat resistant and durable.  Our experienced team of engineers are able to manufacture stainless steel etched parts, brass etched parts and copper etched parts to your precise specifications.
Quality assurance processes
Even when deploying the most sophisticated and innovative manufacturing processes, at Attewell our quality assurance processes, with ISO certification, ensure low levels of discrepancies and high production repeatability, which in turn leads to reductions in line stoppages for our customers. Our inspection routines mean that, time after time, we produce the highest quality products to meet our clients’ needs.
Environmental considerations
Attewell’s photochemical machining facility includes a sophisticated effluent treatment plant to safely treat emanation coming out of the process; releasing safe water into the environment to prevent it from getting contaminated.
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