Non Metal Packers

Working with the aerospace industry for over 80 years
Attewell, as the largest manufacturer of premium quality C-Class aerospace components in Europe, is ideally placed to support your production processes by supplying you with all your non-metal packers.  Having started making shims and packers for Spitfire production back in the 1940s, we are widely recognised as being industry leaders in our field. Our extensive range of equipment and in-house expertise mean that we are able to manufacture non-metal packers to your precise specifications.  Whether you need standard, off-the-shelf packers or something more bespoke, our team of engineers are able to produce them to the highest of quality standards.

Plastic packers
Plastic is low-cost, easy to manufacture, has high levels of electrical and thermal insulation and can be utilised in environments where it will be exposed to humidity.  As such, it is a popular choice of material for packers in the aerospace industry.

Composite packers
Composite packers are made of more than one constituent material, each one chosen for its specific qualities that make it appropriate for use in specific environments.  A more costly option than plastic, composite packers can nonetheless be the most appropriate for the production of certain airframe elements.

Nylon packers
With its exceptional strength, toughness, inherent low-friction properties and resistance to abrasion, Nylon is a frequent choice of material for your non-metal packer needs.

Rubber packers
Rubber packers also have high levels of abrasion resistance, along with tensile strength, tear resistance and low-temperature flexibility.  Less resistant to heat, UV and ozone, however, it is more commonly used in environments that are completely enclosed with little or no exposure to these elements.

Attewell’s portfolio of packers
Attewell has a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians who are extremely familiar with the requirements of airframe production.  They will be able to advise you on which packers from our extensive range would be the most appropriate for your production needs.

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