Metal Packers

Attewell is the largest manufacture of C-Class aerospace components in Europe.  Operating for nearly 80 years, we make a range of metal packers to suit your precise airframe construction needs.  Similar in function to shims, our metal packers enable you to achieve tight tolerances between mating parts.  We use a variety of metals to ensure that all possible needs can be catered for.

Steel packers
Steel packers are strong and durable, as well as resistant to impact and to chemical corrosion. Steel is less likely than other metals to bend, warp or deform when subjected to weight, heat or force. Our stainless steel packers additionally include greater resistant to rust, due to their chromium content, and as such are appropriate for use where there may be some element of exposure to humidity.  

Titanium packers
Titanium has the highest strength to weight ration of any metal, and provides high levels of resistance to corrosion.  It has low thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and so makes an excellent choice for environments that are characterised by intense heat.  Light, strong and heat-resistant, it is a highly appropriate choice for use in the aerospace industry.

Brass packers
Our brass packers have some advantage over other metal choices in that they are malleable and low-friction, and so easier to work with and to machine.  They are often deployed in environments where the parts are protected from corrosion.

Aluminium packers
Aluminium is low-cost and lightweight, making it a popular choice for the aerospace industry in the appropriate environments.  It is characterised by low levels of reactivity, meaning that it is corrosion-resistant and so is frequently used in areas where humidity is a factor.  It is also environmentally friendly due to its ease of recycling.

Attewell’s range of packers
Our experienced engineers are well-placed to advise you on which would be the most appropriate material to select from our range of metal packers, depending on your precise requirements.  We work with the largest aerospace manufacturers worldwide, and understand the sector’s priorities in terms of quality, weight and cost-effectiveness, and so are your ideal partners, whatever your production needs.

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