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Precision engineering doesn’t only apply to metallic products. At Attewell, we are vertically aligned with many major clients’ composite approvals, allowing us to produce industry compliant non-metallic components to the highest standards.


Types of non-metallic products
Non-metallic materials possess properties that differ significantly to metallic materials and are therefore more appropriate to use than metallic products within some areas of the aerospace industry. We provide precision-made components such as isolators, washers, spacers, shims, panels and complex radius fillers from a range of non-metallic products including G10 (high-pressure fibreglass laminate), fibreglass, composite, carbon fibre, phenolic, mylar, PTFE and polyimide.
Cutting edge technologies
Our skilled technicians call upon extensive experience within the industry to deliver products of an unrivalled standard by using a range of technologies, including 3 and 5-axis CNC milling machining and water jet.
Water jets offer a range of benefits, not least because they rely on erosion, which means that they don’t emit heat and so are able to precision cut a range of materials. Meanwhile, CNC or computer numeric control machining allows for large-scale precision production. This range of approaches allows our technicians to ensure that production of non-metallic components remains cost effective, without compromising on quality.  
A tailored service
Because our technicians have access to a range of materials, technologies and expertise, they are able to tailor your products to meet your specifications. Whether you are seeking low or medium complexity products in lower quantities or bulk production of non-metallic shims, washer, spacers or other components, our wealth of resources and experience means that we will be able to find the most cost effective solution to meet your specific needs while adhering to industry compliance and best practice.
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