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Machined Non Metallic Parts

Avantus is a global leader in the manufacture of machined parts, including machined non-metallic parts.
We have decades of experience in working closely with our customers in the aerospace industry, and constantly seek to innovate and improve our already outstanding processes.   We are already the largest producer of C-class component for aircraft manufacturers and it is our mission to be the supplier of choice worldwide.
Avantus’ extensive range of equipment
With decades of investment in a range of cutting-edge equipment, our engineers are able to utilise both conventional and CNC milling and turning, water jets, and hydraulic, manual and punch presses.  This means we are able to produce all the standard non-metallic machined components you would expect, such as buttstraps for wing joins, machined joggle parts, solid, tapered and laminated shims, nut plates, panel fasteners and a variety of sub-assembly inventory items.
Wide range of material
Our engineers work with a wide portfolio of non-metallic materials, meaning that they are able to manufacture the exact components with the precise properties needed for your particular needs. The range of non-metallic materials we work with include polyimide, phenolic, composites, fibreglass, nylon and plastic among others.  Our engineers have in-depth understanding of which material is best suited to which component and which aircraft environment, and they are always available for discussions and consultations.
Outstanding quality assurance
At Avantus, ensuring the highest quality in everything we produce is at the heart of our culture.  We employ rigorous in-house quality assurance processes, including empowering our highly trained engineers and technicians to intervene in production processes to ensure high quality and high standards.  Our components are subject to industry-leading inspection systems before leaving our premises to be delivered to your warehouse or production line.  We have a relentless drive on reducing waste and improving efficiency, whilst never compromising on quality, meaning that our customers can have absolute confidence in the machined parts that we supply.

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