Machined Products

Machined Metal Parts

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Attewell specialises in precision machined metal parts.
Constantly seeking to innovate and improve, we are market-leaders in our component production, with in-house ability for conventional and CNC milling and turning, cutting using water jets, and pressing with our hydraulic, manual and punch presses.  Working closely with our clients, who are market-leaders in the aerospace industry, we easily accommodate new products into our manufacturing processes, as well as having demonstrably high levels of reliability and consistency of quality in our established product lines of machined hard metal parts.
Precision engineering
 Our expert engineers and technicians, with decades of experience in the aerospace industry, use our CAD and CADCAM processes to deliver surface machined soft and hard metal parts with the exact topography that is required for your manufacturing and assembly-line needs.
Wide range of parts for your inventory
 As the largest specialist European supplier of C-class components for the Aerospace industry, we produce all the standard components you would expect, such as buttstraps for wing joins, machined metal joggle parts, solid, tapered and laminated shims, nut plates, panel fasteners and a variety of sub-assembly inventory items.
Choice of metals to meet your needs
Our experienced metal workers work with a wide variety of metals to meet all the requirements of the industry. This includes aluminium, titanium, beryllium copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and Inconel.  Our engineers are well-placed to advise on which metals are appropriate for which purpose, always taking into consideration the industry’s need to balance strength with weight and other vital safety characteristics such as resistance to corrosion.
Outstanding quality assurance
 At Attewell, we subject all our processes to stringent quality assurance processes.  With ISO certification, as well our own in-house inspection routines, we ensure quality and consistency of all our manufactured items.  This includes a range of techniques such as visual management combined with the latest technology to inspect all our products, ensuring that even those with the most complex geometries are meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations. In addition, our implementation of Lean Six Sigma processes combined with our focus on waste-reduction and lead-time reduction means that we will be able to supply your inventory with the highest quality machined metal parts in which you can have absolute confidence.

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