Attewell’s highly skilled technicians apply decades of experience alongside cutting edge technology to provide aerospace gap fillers designed and produced with unrivalled precision.
Serving the aerospace industry for nearly a century
Having established a name as the leader in English mirrorcraft in the first part of the 20th Century, in 1942, B.Attewell & Sons Ltd diversified to make engineered accessories such as shims for Spitfires during the Second World War. The war effort was the beginning of what would be a long and successful relationship with the aerospace industry.  Attewell continues to expand its provision and is now accepted to be the European leader in the manufacture of engineed components such as machined parts and assemblies, laminated sheet materials, shims, packers and fillers.

Gap fillers
In an industry such as aerospace, there is no room for inaccuracy - not even the smallest gap. Yet, when dealing with precise dimensions, particularly on larger builds, gaps are inevitable. It is, therefore, essential that the aerospace sector has access to precision components to meet its gap-filling requirements.

Precision crafted gap fillers
From its modern, 42,000 square foot facility near London Heathrow Airport, Attewell offers bespoke gap fillers made of metallic and non-metallic materials and crafted using cutting edge technology to meet your needs. The quality of our products speaks for itself; as well as supporting all major European programmes, Attewell is the only non-USA based shim manufacture to supply and manufacture products to BAC specifications.

Attewell’s technicians have access to a host of state-of-the-art techniques, including CNC punch & press, CNC routing, waterjets and photo chemical machining. This extensive range of technology, coupled with their unrivalled skills and experience means that we are able to offer a tailored service, precision producing components that are made and manufactured to meet your needs in terms of usage, materials, price point and scale.

Gap Fillers
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