Sub Assemblies

As a leading supplier of all low-cost, high specification components for the aerospace industry, Attewell produces a comprehensive range of sub-assemblies. 

We understand the challenges of airframe assembly and produce a variety of assembly enablers, supporting our clients to constantly improve their processes with a focus on both efficiency and safety.

Nut Plates
Our highly skilled engineering teams are able to utilise the most sophisticated processes to produce a range of nut plate assemblies, including high strength nut plates, anchor nut plates, floating nut plates and fixed nut plates.  Made of a variety of metals to suit the individual needs of our clients, we are able to manufacture using corrosion resistant steel, carbon steel, titanium and beryllium copper.  As such, whether your need is for strength, for a lightweight solution or for a combination of both, you can be sure that Attewell will be able to fulfil your inventory requirements.

Clip assemblies, Click bond assemblies, Stiffener assemblies, Hybrid assemblies
Attewell produces a range of alternative assembly products, including clip assemblies for speed and click bond assemblies where limiting the number of drilled holes and strengthening assemblies with adhesive is appropriate.  Stiffener assemblies will improve the strength of airframe joins, while hybrid assemblies can be mass produced to your specification to enable the most complex of processes to be undertaken quickly and efficiently.

Pressed bearings
At Attewell, our experienced team of engineers is able to produce precision-made bearings that are perfect for your manufacturing requirements and ensure quick, accurate installation.

Access covers
Access covers are clearly essential for on-going maintenance and inspection requirements in the aerospace industry.  Attewell is an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of covers to suit the needs of all component parts.  With our flexibility in terms of materials available to use, we are able to produce covers that will be rapid to install on the assembly line and highly effective and durable, well able to cope with the strain of regular inspections and removals.

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