In addition to manufacturing individual parts, from new product introduction to established product lines, we are able to produce assemblies to meet your precise requirements. 
Our expert team of engineers and technicians understand our customers’ detailed hardware specifications. Using this knowledge we are able to assemble a wide range of structures to meet your airframe specifications and deliver them straight to your assembly line or factory floor. Our wide-ranging CAD and CADCAM technologies and processes allow for the efficient manufacturing and inspection of a range of components, from simple 2D to more complex 3D detailed components. 
Sheet metal assemblies
Sheet metal can be detailed or formed using our comprehensive in-house technologies, including CNC machining, sheet metal bending, blanking and forming.  We can then assemble the component parts according to our customers’ needs. Inspection competence at Attewell is world-class, including the use of a dual head touch probe and laser scanning coordinate measuring system capable of precise inspection of components with complex angles and surfaces.  Attewell embraces innovation while maintaining and improving upon its core competencies.
Assembly techniques
Once the sheet metal is detailed or prepared according to the specifications, our technicians can assemble the structures involved using a range of techniques such as riveting or fastening using our own products manufactured in-house.  These include nut plates, clip assemblies, click bond assemblies or hybrid assemblies, all designed and manufactured to meet your precise requirements.  We are able to quickly and easily supply assemblies, for example with brackets ready to house cables or ducts, which simplifies your processes and reduces your production costs. 

Utilising Six Sigma and Lean principles, Attewell continually strives to improve its operational efficiency.  Our focus on reducing waste and lead-times while improving process repeatability gives us an advantage in exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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