Aerospace Components

Attewell is the largest European manufacturer of C-Class (low-cost, high specification) aircraft components for the aerospace industry.  We produce a comprehensive range of aerospace products to meet your needs.  With nearly 80 years’ experience in the sector, we understand the demands of the airframe production process, and produce a wide variety of aircraft parts, in line with our customers’ specific specifications, supporting our customers to constantly improve their processes with a focus on both efficiency and safety.

The team at Attewell
Our highly skilled engineering teams are able to utilise the most sophisticated processes to produce our extensive portfolio of aerospace parts.  Our engineers and technicians are adept at either ensuring that your needs are met from our existing product lines, or collaborating with you to manufacture bespoke aircraft products to meet your individual production needs.

Our portfolio
Our portfolio of aircraft parts includes assembly parts (nut plate assemblies, clip assemblies, click bond assemblies, stiffener assemblies, hybrid assemblies, pressed bearings and access covers, among others); shims (metal, non-metal, tapered, and laminated among other specifications), packers, spacers, metal sheets, laminated sheets, bushes, machined detailed precision parts and chemical machined parts.  Whether you need a standard product of something designed specifically for a particular project, we are able to provide the high quality product that you require.

Wide range of materials
Working with the top aircraft manufacturers worldwide, we are aware of the requirements for products to be lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Our manufacturing processes can be adapted to work with a wide range of materials, including steel, titanium, beryllium copper, brass, fibreglass, phenolic, polyimide, nylon and a wide range of composites.

Sophisticated technical processes
Our engineers are able to deploy an extensive range of processes to manufacture all your products to your exact specifications, ensuring high quality, high production reliability and low levels of discrepancies.  These include CNC milling, turning and routing, photochemical machining and etching, sheet metal bending, blanking and forming, water jet cutting and 3/4/5/ axis machining, among many others.  Our industry-leading in-house quality assurance processes mean that reliability and precision are a given for all our products.

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