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Surface Grinding

As part of our commitment to our customers and our mission to be the preferred global partner for all C-class components for airframes, Attewell invests in an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to offer precision surface grinding services to our customers. 

Surface grinding is widely used throughout the aerospace industry to produce a smooth, imperfection-free finish on flat surfaces.  In an industry where safety and quality are the top priorities, it is essential that all components are manufactured in an accurate and reliable way.  At Attewell, we undertake precision surface grinding, including precision grinding stainless steel, to 0.0002”, or 0.00058cm on sheet sizes of 24” x 20” (60.1 cm x 50.8 cm).  Surface grinding is cost-effective and efficient, meaning that it is an ideal technique to use to ensure high surface qualities that reduce time wasted and additional labour costs on the production line, as well as ensuring perfectly tight tolerances for safety and added strength and rigidity to airframe assemblies. We are able to offer our customers precision surface grinding services for both large-scale, repeatable items and for small-scale orders for stand-alone projects. Our team of highly experienced engineers are always available to collaborate with you on producing the highest quality, most cost-effective high specification components to meet your requirements.

Attewell’s quality standards
Attewell’s Advanced Quality Systems are core to our manufacturing culture, and mean that we are constantly striving to improve our processes.  Coupled with a lean management approach, we aim to be active partners in your airframe manufacturing process, adding value to what you do, rather than simply supplying parts.  Our “just in time” production system means that our customers are able to pull stock straight onto the production line without costly inventory build-ups, and our focus on quality and reliability means that we plan all our processes, including precision surface grinding, to ensure maximum repeatability and reliability for you.

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