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Thanks to the attention to detail that is embedded in the manufacturing culture at Attewell, we offer a range of metal polishing services to reduce roughness and improve surface finish. 

Polishing and buffing are techniques used in the manufacturing process to improve the aesthetics and the finish of the component parts.  Polishing is performed in a similar way to buffing, but is a more aggressive process, using a harder abrasive material. Our investment in our extensive range of equipment means that we are able to work with all the components that we manufacture for our clients, no matter how complex the contours and geometries.

Attewell’s experience and expertise
Now based in a modern facility near Heathrow Airport with cutting-edge technology at our disposal, Attewell moved into the airframe manufacturing business nearly eight decades ago.  In those early days, back in 1942, we were making parts for Spitfire aircraft as part of the war effort, and we are proud of our heritage. We are equally proud, however, of our determination to constantly innovate, and to working closely with our customers to ensure we are meeting their needs.  We have built up a huge repertoire of expertise over our years in the business, and we use that to ensure that we are delivering a value-added service to all our customers. We are able to advise on every aspect of your C-class aircraft component requirements, from design to finishing to the highest standards.  Our extensive use of CAD/CAM software and our state-of-the-art inspection equipment means that your designs are accurately implemented, and the finished components are delivered to your production line with consistent accuracy, repeatability and fidelity to the original design.

Attewell: your partners in production
At Attewell, we are more than suppliers.  Our aim is to add value to your company. We understand that our customers operate in a high-stakes environment where safety and quality are of paramount importance, and operating margins are slim.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve, driving down waste and costs at a every stage of our manufacturing processes to ensure that we can support you as active partners in your endeavours.

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