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Photo Chemical Machining

At Attewell, we pride ourselves in consistently delivering on value, quality and innovation in all of our customers’ C-class component requirements. 

Metal etching, or photo chemical etching, is a process in which a combination of photoresist and etchants are applied to a metal in order to manufacture metal components with complex designs, often involving tight tolerances.  There are many advantages to using metal etching techniques when compared to conventional techniques.  As there is no contact with a cutting tool, there is less cost involved in the manufacturing process as the equipment used is not worn in the same way as when using conventional techniques such as turning or milling.  The cutting and shaping process is free of burr and swarf, meaning it is quick and easy to mass-produce parts cleanly.  Because the metal etching process is relatively inexpensive, it is a good option for small, bespoke orders or for the process of developing prototypes. 
At Attewell, our metal etching services are available for large or small orders, and our engineers are available for consultation on how and when it is optimal to deploy metal etching techniques in preference to conventional techniques.  We work with a broad portfolio of materials, including titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and a range of alloys, and will be able to advise on the individual challenges and opportunities presented by each of them when it comes to deciding on the specific manufacturing process called upon to produce components to your specific requirements.
Attewell’s lean manufacturing approach
Attewell’s philosophy is underpinned by our lean management practices.  Our goal is to constantly drive down waste and maximise efficiency, so that our customers benefit from cost-effective manufacturing and reliable, just-in-time delivery.  Part of this commitment includes utilising our deep understanding of the aerospace industry to support our customers to be able to use the most appropriate material and the most appropriate manufacturing techniques to ensure their product is delivered with total fidelity to the original design specification.

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