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Grit Blasting

Attewell is committed to constant innovation and to having a wide range of services available to our customers. 
As a result, we invest in an extensive range of equipment and technologies, including grit blasting. Grit blasting, or abrasive blasting, is used for a range of purposes. Abrasive particles (frequently sand, hence this process often being known as sand blasting) are fired under pressure onto the surface of a component or a material.  It can be used to clean and smooth surfaces by removing particles, or to add texture to surfaces to improve adhesion of coatings, such as in the galvanising process. The compressing effect of the grit on a surface can also aid in reducing stress corrosion cracking in some alloys. Our highly experienced engineers are on hand to discuss with you whether and how your product could be enhanced by the use of grit blasting at the appropriate point during manufacture.

Attewell’s expertise
Attewell has developed its considerable expertise in the aerospace industry over the course of nearly 8 decades.  Having originally moved into the manufacture of airframe parts in 1942 when we supported the war effort by producing parts for the Spitfire, we have evolved into Europe’s largest manufacturer of low-cost, high specification airframe parts.  We have the leading aerospace manufacturers worldwide in our customer base, and we achieved this level of market penetration as a result of our intense customer focus.  This includes adding value to our customers’ own processes by lending our expertise when collaborating with you on the production of your components or assemblies.  We understand your needs to drive down costs and maximise efficiency, and we work to ensure that our processes dovetail with yours so that your product arrives to your production line in such a way as to be incorporated seamlessly into your processes.

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