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Conventional Techniques

At Attewell, we pride ourselves on our vast array of equipment and world-class expertise, which enables us to carry out a wide range of production processes with precision. 

Conventional techniques or conventional processes in manufacturing involve the direct contact of a machining tool with the material that is being machined.  Examples of conventional techniques include turning, milling, grinding and punching.  Examples of non-conventional techniques include waterjet and abrasive waterjet machining.
Attewell originally moved into the aircraft manufacturing industry in 1942, when we changed our operations from producing mirrors to producing components for the Spitfire aircraft as part of the war effort.  Many manufacturing techniques have changed out of all recognition over the past nearly eight decades.  Attewell’s commitment to remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology means that we have invested heavily in an extensive range of equipment, including state-of-the-art non-conventional processes.  However, there will always be a place for using conventional techniques alongside these innovations. At Attewell, we understand the optimal methods of working with a comprehensive range of materials so that we can produce the parts that you require in the most efficient manner.  Our engineers understand the interplay of material structure and processing method, and are available for consultation on the most effective production method for the component that you require.

Attewell’s comprehensive range of equipment
Our conventional techniques include CNC routing, conventional and CNC milling, turning, laminating, pressing, deburring, and grinding.  The quality of our equipment, along with the expertise of our engineers and technicians, means that we are able to deploy these machines to meet your precise specifications.  We work alongside you to ensure that we understand your requirements, and are able to support you in a way that adds value to your processes.  Whether you require regular, batch orders of a standard part, or a small run of a specific component for a stand-alone project, we will be able to deploy our equipment and our expertise to meet your needs.

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