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CNC Turning

At Attewell, we call upon an extensive range of technologies and decades of expertise to offer an unrivalled service to all customers.

Attewell is able offer our customers both conventional and CNC turning (with a maximum diameter of 24”) as part of our repertoire of services. Turning uses a stationary cutting tool to remove material and shape the C-Class airframe components that we produce. CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) turning has a number of advantages over conventional turning.  It can be deployed continuously, greatly improving efficiency and productivity. Highly precise and intricate designs can be achieved, with perfect replication and repeatability. CNC turning machines and processes are highly flexible, as our experienced technicians and engineers are able to deploy our CAD/CAM software quickly, reprogramming the turning machines to make different parts as soon as that becomes necessary.
Deploying CNC turning capability also reduces costs over the longer term, as the equipment, once set up, can be operated by machine operators who do not need to be as highly trained or skilled as manual machine operators need to be, reducing labour costs.  These cost savings in the manufacturing process translate into extremely competitive prices for our customers. Our range of services includes the capacity to carry out tapered, spherical or hard turning, to ensure that we accommodate both the range of shapes required and also the range of materials that we use to ensure the best fit for your specific airframe environment.

Attewell’s experience
Attewell first entered the aircraft manufacturing industry over 75 years ago, when we supported the war effort in 1942 by turning our manufacturing skills to the production of parts for Spitfire aircraft.  Since then, we have grown to be Europe’s largest manufacturer of C-class components for airframes.  Our customers benefit both from our decades of experience and our scale, as we are able to offer highly trained and experienced engineers alongside state-of-the-art machinery.  No matter how big or small your requirements, we have the expertise and the capacity to produce components to your exact specification.

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