Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Press Brake

At Attewell our extensive range of equipment means that we are able to offer our customers an equally extensive range of manufacturing services. 

CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) press braking is one of these.  Our CNC press braking programming capacity enables us to bend and form material to extremely precise, predetermined shapes.  We are shape material up to a maximum of 2m to ensure that your specific design is realised in the most accurate way possible.  Using a range of differently shaped dies to meet your every requirement, our CNC press brake is a core element of our manufacturing capability.
As you would expect from Europe’s largest manufacturer of C-class components from aircraft, our CNC press brakes incorporate state-of-the-art developments in the technology such as multi-axis computer controlled back gauges: these operate using real-time information about the process and are able to perform precises adjustments as necessary to ensure the precision and repeatability of the component. We understand that our customers need to receive products onto their production lines that are highly specific with no deviations from the design, in order for them to fit seamlessly into your assemblies every time.  Our CNC press brake is one part of our capacity to achieve just that.

Attewell’s vision
Our vision is to be the number one preferred partner across the globe for C-class aircraft components.  Having been in the aircraft production industry for over 75 years, we count all the leading aerospace manufacturers worldwide in our customer base.  It is by working closely with our customers to add value to their processes that we have achieved and maintain our position in the industry. Our mission is to deploy our expertise in your service, to ensure that we are actively adding value to your processes.  Whether that is by supporting with the design of your components to reflect the ever-changing aircraft technology, by advising on the most appropriate material for your specific needs, or by being the company you can rely on to deliver your bulk parts to high quality and safety standards, at Attewell our commitment to you will always be second to none.

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