Engineering and Quality Capabilities


Attewell has a state-of-the-art engineering facility that enables us to machine high specification, low-cost airframe components for all the leading aerospace manufacturers worldwide.  We are vertically integrated and offer a significant range of processes to produce assemblies and parts to the highest of standards.

Attewell’s engineering processes
Our engineering processes include preparing for new approvals, product qualification, writing comprehensive procedures and standard operating procedures (SOP’s), Research and Development, reverse engineering, working in collaboration with customers and suppliers on product and tooling designs, and engineering projects. In addition, we have extensive CAD and CADCAM processes, including validation software, for producing a variety of components ranging from simple 2D to more complex 3D detailed or etched parts. This means we are able to manufacture both standardised, bulk items and smaller runs of bespoke, individually designed components to meet your precise airframe requirements.
Quality assurance
We use a Quality Engineering approach throughout all our processes, meaning that any errors or imperfections are spotted and rectified early.  In addition, we have cutting edge inspection equipment that enables us to rapidly check all manufactured components, comparing them to 3D digital models to a laser probe accuracy of 2.54µm or 100µin  Having been in the industry for over 75 years, we know that our customers need high levels of quality and reliability in their components, in order to reduce unnecessary production line stoppages.  Collaborating closely with all our customers to ensure we meet their precise needs; we provide a value-added service that means that our engineering expertise is deployed to your benefit.

Attewell’s team
Our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians operate under our Quality Management System (QMS), which maintains the high standards we achieve in our engineering processes.  Our QMS is approved by a wide range of organisations including Quality Engineering (FAI, FMEA, SPC, Control Plan), Certified Operators Program and Supplier Quality Engineering.

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