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Data Exchange

Attewell understands that our customers are under significant pressure to deliver on cost reduction alongside improved quality and design specification. Aircraft are becoming increasingly sophisticated and consequently more complex to manufacture.  For reasons of safety, efficiency and quality control, it is vital that all partners in the production of aircraft parts communicate in such a way as to ensure the most accurate marrying up of individual components with the relevant design. This can mean exchanging data in order to achieve integrated design concepts and environments.

Our data exchange services mean that the parts you order are delivered from us to your production lines in a seamless fashion with no disjuncture between our processes and yours.

Attewell’s engineering processes
Our engineering processes are top of the range industry standard and as such facilitate interoperability in terms of engineering data exchange requirements. 

Our state-of-the-art range includes extensive CAD and CADCAM processes including multiple seats of the latest versions of CATIA. The use of our well controlled Digital Product definition and model-based definition procedures in conjunction with our industry recognised validation and verification software’s, Cavaedia and Vericut respectively, ensures that exchanged data is accurate and meets all customers’ requirements.

Our range of CADCAM systems; CATIA, DelCAM Powermill, AlphaCAM, JetCAM, RADBEND, CAMIO CMM Inspect and AutoCAD can accept numerous industry standard CAD data format types.

As the largest producer in Europe of C-class components for airframes, we routinely manufacture standardised, bulk items but also have the capacity to produce smaller runs of bespoke, individually designed components. In doing this, our highly experienced engineers ensure that we collaborate closely to ensure data integrity between us and our customers, as well as point-to-point integration between all systems involved.

Attewell’s experience
At Attewell, we have been manufacturing airframe parts for almost 80 years.  Our customers include all the world-leading aerospace manufacturers. Consequently, we understand the technical and business challenges you face.  We realise that short-term priorities can conflict with the need to create holistic manufacturing solutions that lead to dynamic design solutions.  Our expertise means that we are more than just a supplier, we are your partner in finding the perfect solution for your component needs.

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