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Advanced Quality Systems

Advanced Quality Systems – the process of continuous improvement - is integral to our culture at Attewell.
Advanced Quality Systems (AQS) is a systematic approach to achieving improvements in products and processes across all our design, production and inspection functions.  By implementing AQS, we achieve measurable improvements in terms of reducing waste and cost and improving cycle time, quality and customer satisfaction.   AQS ensures that all design and production decisions are based on quantifiable data, which ensures that design quality is built into every step of the production throughout the engineering process.

AQS, lean management and “just-in-time” production
AQS is entirely congruent with the lean manufacturing processes that enable Attewell to have a just-in-time production system.  This reduces both product and process issues as well as limiting variation in the final components we produce.  In turn, that helps our customers as they are able to pull their desired manufactured components without costly build-ups of inventory, as well as avoiding unnecessary production line stoppages due to product variation.

Attewell’s expert teams
At Attewell, our approach is to add value at every step of our own manufacturing process, and also to add value to our customers.  Our engineers are highly trained and empowered to constantly review processes, making improvements where they see the opportunity to do so.  Our technicians employ Lean Six Sigma principles, meaning that attention is paid to every detail, and a constant, incremental improvement in our manufacturing processes and consequently our products.  We have been manufacturing C-class components for airframes for over 75 years, and are the largest suppliers in Europe.  We are proud of our heritage, and even more proud that it is evidence of our constant drive to provide a premium service for all our customers.  Our mission is to provide a value-added service and it is that element of our work that makes Attewell stand out.

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