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Stock Management

Attewell is more than a supplier, we are a partner in your production
At Attewell we have, over more than 75 years, proven that we can add value to the production processes of our customers. Having originally moved into producing components for aircraft in 1942 to support the war effort, we are proud of our heritage.  However, in order to maintain our standing as the largest European supplier of C-class components in the aerospace industry, we know we can’t rest on our laurels.  Instead, we have adopted a culture of continual improvement with lean manufacturing techniques to ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment and processes are employed to support you in every aspect of your airframe production.

Attewell: supporting your stock management
Stock management underpins every successful production process.  We understand the importance of your ability to implement stock management in such a way as to ensure that you have all the stock elements that you require to ensure efficient production with minimal time lost to stoppages, whilst keeping inventory and warehousing costs to a minimum. As an organisation, you will have detailed knowledge of your stock and your requirements for servicing your production processes.  Our job, as your collaborative partner, is to add value to your organisation by ensuring that our processes dove-tail with yours to ensure that you get your deliveries from us in a timely fashion, either directly to your production line or to your warehouses.   In that way, we help you to drive down your production costs, reduce waste and minimise time lost. 
Quality assurance driving improvements
We adopt a range of quality assurance procedures throughout our organisation to ensure that we are continually achieving incremental improvements that add up to deliver enhanced quality and reduced costs to our customers. Our highly trained engineers and technicians are able to ensure that waste is driven out of every step of our manufacturing and production processes. They are available for consultation throughout our collaboration with our customers to ensure that our knowledge and expertise is shared.

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