Efficiency Management Capabilities

Lean Management

Attewell’s Lean Management Approach
Attewell has a proven track record of success in being market leaders in manufacturing C-class components for airframes, working with all the world leaders in the aerospace industry.  This success is underpinned by our lean management practices.  Originally devised to eliminate inefficiency and waste in manufacturing processes, lean management is a globally recognised set of principles that ensures that we deliver your components in the most efficient, cost-effective way.  Once the all the processes involved in manufacturing have been identified and streamlined to ensure optimal flow through the system, we can ensure that you, our customer, are able to pull products into your production processes at exactly the right point to maximise your efficiency. With the “just in time” manufacturing and delivery that we are able to implement as a consequence of our lean approaches, you can be sure that you will get the quality product that you need, exactly when you need it.
Lean Six Sigma Methods
A key aspect to lean management is that an organisation should never be static, it should always seek to find incremental improvements throughout the entire manufacturing process.  All our engineers and technicians are trained in Lean Six Sigma principles, right down to the fine details of organising every aspect of their work and their environments. This attention to detail has resulted in the creation of a lean manufacturing dashboard which captures work cell efficiencies and identifies capacity constraints early. This means that waste and inefficiency can be driven out of every element of our production processes, reducing waste and driving down costs both for us and for you.
Our collaborative approach
Central to our vision to be the global preferred partner for every C-class component need is our mission to go above and beyond to deliver a value added service.  This includes collaborating closely with our customers to ensure that our lean processes tie in closely with your production needs, resulting in successful outcomes and customer satisfaction for us and for you.

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