Efficiency Management Capabilities

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Our highly motivated team members are on hand to offer you exceptional levels of customer support.
Attewell’s project and engineering teams are adept at introducing new products and processes within restricted time frames. With almost 80 years in the aerospace industry, we offer an extensive array of CAD and CADCAM processes, from simple 2D component manufacture, to complex, 3D detailed parts.

A combination of our technicians’ expertise and experience alongside the range of processes and cutting-edge technology utilised by Attewell enable our technicians to offer customer guidance and support in component product, material, design and machining, so that they can get the best production order to fit their purpose, scale, time constraints, industry and budget.  

Accurate estimates
By using Pre-Qualification Questionnaires to produce detailed qualification reports, we are able to submit accurate Invitations to Tender (ITTs). These processes contribute to our cost estimation software, which allows us to provide customers with estimates quickly without compromising on accuracy.

With a range of processes at our disposal, we are able to provide our customers with support across a range of metallic and non-metallic products, from simple 2D components to complex 3D detailed parts.

Our Quality Management System ensures high quality products and facilitates transparency between our technicians and customers.

Pursuing excellence
Attewell is committed to continually learning and adding new skills and processes to allow us to offer customers the best standard of service in the industry. By expanding our knowledge, we constantly improve the services that we provide, so that we can continue to build our reputation as a world-class manufacturer for all C-Class aerospace components.

Our customer support teams are on hand to offer you advice, guidance and support across the full range of services that we offer. For more information, simply get in touch.

Efficiency Management Capabilities
Capabilities in this section

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