Originally a specialist manufacturer of mirrors, like many other companies, Attewell joined the war effort and in 1942 directed its engineering resources into making parts for the Spitfire aircraft, and so Attewell’s involvement with the aerospace industry was born. Formally registered in 1962, we have a long and successful history and we remain very proud of our heritage. 

June 2020

Shimtech changes its name to Avantus Aerospace as the group continues to expand its capabilities and companies, which now incorporate all C-class parts manufacture and  detailed composite production.

May 2018

Expansion of our Heathrow site into a neighbouring facility, increasing our floor space to 42,000 sq ft.

November 2017

Attewell continue to increase our production capability with the purchase of forming equipment including heat treatment.

May 2015

The Shimtech Group were purchased by Inflexion Private Equity and Auctus Industries.

April 2014

Attewell continues to expand its portfolio of products with more complex parts using our 5-axis capability in both hard and soft metals and composite materials, which are proving the new lightweight solution for many aircrafts.

April 2013

Attewell seamlessly changes MRP systems and introduces SAP Business One, integrating capacity planning, full digital loadings to the manufacturing cells and timely procurement of materials on a just in time basis.

June 2012

Attewell partners with Airbus on its A350 aircraft, becoming a key supplier of composite detail parts and assemblies.

September 2011

Along with US based sister companies Lamsco and Bolsan, Attewell were purchased by Bridgepoint Development and incorporated within the Shimtech Group.

April 2011

Having outgrown premises in Southall, Attewell moves to a purpose built manufacturing facility in Hayes, nearly doubling its floor space from 15,000sq ft to 29,000 sq ft, and transferring all of its dedicated workforce to the new site.

February 2010

Attewell Limited undertook a period of investment, expanding it’s equipment to include water jet and routers, and using it’s strong market position to support customers with our increasing capability with more complex parts.

December 2002

John Gimson, then Managing Director of Attewell Limited departs and is replaced by Matt Giggle, who had been working as a consultant implementing lean manufacturing across the organisation.

August 1992

A further name change in 1992 to Attewell Limited recognised the increased scope of the business, which was now firmly established in the aerospace industry, producing a wide range of 2D parts for both military and commercial aircraft.

August 1982

A change of name in 1982 to Attewell-Mycroshims Limited reflected the focus on laminated peelable shims for the aerospace industry, to whom they were now supplying to many of the aircraft platforms.

December 1962

B. Attewell & Sons (Engineering) Limited were formally registered in December 1962, by which point they were specialising on the aerospace industry and more specifically laminated shims.


B. Attewell & Sons Limited made parts for Spitfire aircraft during WWII, leading to it’s transition to shims and other engineered accessories.

Prior to 1942

Attewell were originally “the greatest name in English mirrorcraft” prior to a change of direction in 1942, in response to their contribution to the war effort.

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